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holy shit

im skinny. i look like im dying. my, god. what the fuck. i had no idea. i saw myself in a full length mirror today, and nearly shit myself. damn.

i wanna go for a drive, but i wont. ill just sit here staring into my computer screen all night. maybe ill go sit outside. its nice out there.

im on my way. went to go take care of some stuff for my paperwork today. by the end of the week, i should be close to done. that will be nice.

my car insurance is almost paid off. one more payment, and the only bill i have to worry about is my creditcard (which is overdue again, damnit. i needed to make sure i had money for paperwork), at the moment.

then, then, then... i dont know. i should work on my websites. maybe theyll be done by the time i decide to pay for hosting again.

oh, yeah. i still havent paid for internet access. i just keep making new accounts so i get another 10 hours. heh.

i should clean. did laundry, now its time to clean. maybe ill find something to ebay. oh! i can sell my webcam.

oh, yeah. and if i shoot with collin hill give me some cash. i should do that. collin rules. oh! oh!!! he gave me lame cds from the record company he used to work for. i should put em on ebay, or amazon.

what else can i get rid of... my cell phone is already gooone.

i need to go back to the library.

wish i had a tv.

at least im not overdrawn on my checking account anymore. those two days i worked at the whore house really helped alot.

started my period today.

i want to go swimming.

i hate mondays.
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