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1) i just got an idea. a horribly sneaky way to make money while doing something with one of my websites. itd be a temporary thing, but something, none the less. ill also be able to keep it around as a resource when i continue building on to the site.

2) i found this neato website that will allow me to advertise for free, aaand send me newsletters. ok, thats not the best part. the best part is that every month theyll send me a free smoothie recipe.

3) i will get a job at jamaba juice. eventually :oP

oh, yeah. went to magic mountain. that was fun. it was hot. my toes were hurting. but i had a goood tiiiiiime. i lost the battery to my camera (it fell out), so there arent any pictures :o\ we got twickets, so were goin back again next week to get on the rides we missed. awwwyea :oP

i woke up at 6am. again. what the fuuuuuuck is my problem. oh, yeah. i had a bad drrem. not a freaky dream. a baaaaaad dream.

today i need to go find out if my school has my stuff, get pictures taken and printed, get the rest of my signatures, do the last of the paperwork and submit it with all appropriate fees. if im missing any of the first 3 by 5pm, its gonna have to wait till next week :o\

now i must hunt down good ole glen. i owe his ass, and hes gonna let me use his signature. hope he doesnt piss me off. then i must hunt down another person. i havent decided who, yet. who ever turns out to be closest :oP

ohhhh, gaaaaaaaawd. im already sleepy again. shoot me :o\

oh. i spoke to my hiedi hizzoe last night. twas a good conversation. i managed to get her all riled up just before bed :oP i cant wait for her ass to get down here. im in dire need of her assistance.

yvette i ganked your belt!$#!@$@#!

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