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love my friends

elvis treated me to lunch, a round of pool, and a movie. now jerry is gonna treat to some booze, weed, and im guessing a dvd. the thing is, theyre both friends (of like, 10 years!), so why am i the only one ever invited over? i even mention one to the other, hoping theyll think say "hey, we should all hang out!", but nooo. we all used to hang out together befooore. pffft :o\ when i get money ill have to take em out, or somethin. thatd be cool.

sooo, my plans got changed. the school didnt have my stuff ready, so now i have to wait until tuuuseday :o\ thats ok, though. it gives me more time to get my signatures, and take the pictures. and since i have more time, ill get to chill, and take care of some other things along the way. i owe glen, so ill do my thing, hang out a bit, get my signature, maybe take off to meet that english dude, then go to zeh bar/club. tryin to kill alot of birds with one stone tank of gas. i agreed to shoot with collin (his stuff, not mine. though, we could do my stuff too, if we have time. thatd rock), so ill be doin that, gettin a few dollars, and my signature. more birds dead birds. it just sucks that glen wasnt around when i went to his house on sunday night. and stupid me forgot to bring dwaines phone number, so i couldnt even call him. i guess i could have just gone over to his house, as well, but he lives a bit further from joseph than glen does. oh, well. only killed one bird that day :oP thats cool, though. i needed the distraction. i was depressin it. who else do i need to visit? hrm. fran, but found out the other day she moved, and lives right down the street from james. so i wont be doing that any time soon. im dyin to visit her, but i didnt wanna risk making myself want to drive up to his house. maybe when im absolutely positive that ive completely detached. i think i have, but ya never know. it might be a bit too soon. that way i can also go say hi to his ass, and pick something up that i left at his house. its all about killin lots of brids :oP jamie, danny and diana, i might be able to do in one shot, too. maybe before i head over to frans. though, jamie is sooo difficult to get ahold of. crazy white boy ;o)

ive gots to got potty. i dont know why i always hold it. takin a piss is an incredibly enjoyable experience.

coooooooool. them niggas ended up talkin to eachother and were all gonna hang out. woohoo. its been a while. im about ready to passout, though. they can talk, ill nap :oP

its only 3am, but it feels like 8am.

i made a mess, and dont wanna clean. where will i sleep?

can you imagine when i have dsl? and hopefully a new computer? i should be sleeping.

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