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i slept till 1pm (my clock is fast). i wasnt expecting that. i thought it was gonna be like 8am, maybe 10am.

last night we watched the ending of "cutting moments" (dont know why we didnt want the whole thing). uhm. that movie was just slightly fucked up ;o) i kept sitting there going "um. i dont think shes doing the right thing". im suprised i didnt have a bad dream or somethin.

was thinking about giong to the "weekend of horrors" today, but i guess not. i dont know. maybe. i think i wanna go back to bed.

oh, yay. ive been trying to find out wether not i can legally practice in other countries, but no one had been getting back to me. someone from the uk finally did. evidently i can practice there without a problem. thats good. good, good, good.

i should spend the day cleaning. i also have more laundry to do cause i found and extra bag of it, yesterday. ive been spending alot of money at the laundromat.

did i take my multivitamin? shit. i think i did just a minute ago, but im not sure.

i smell food. wish someone were cookin for me.

i found a few (fun) classes that i want to take. want to take baaaadly. its a shame i dont have money to blow. will soon, though. well, not really. but i will anyway :oP

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