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this fool is cool

its rare that random, cute, smart guys msg me, but one just did! i guess hes not so random, since i saw him on some site, said hi and gave him my screen name, a week or two ago. but hes way cool. talking to him was nice. just what i needed. were gonna hang, eventually. he says hes gonna burn a "sigur ros" cd for me. im tryin to figure out how to propose marriage to him :oP

amusing to some...
xangelicdestinyx: this fool is cool
Bagamaagan: damnit... you're supposed to move here and use me for sex... not talk to cool guys >:o
xangelicdestinyx: you werent talking to me
Bagamaagan: oh fine... so you punish me by talking to cool guys... i see how you are
xangelicdestinyx: hahahaha

elvis broke up with his girlfriend. she just flew back here to get her stuff (she was visiting family while elvis was supposed to be in china, but that got pushed back). hes tryin to figure out what to say when she gets home and starts to call him up all psycho n shit...
elvis: "sorry, ive got to let you go. naomi doesnt like it when i talk to my exs"

i feel bad for her, eventhough she hates me (no reason. im not hookin up with elvis). she must be in hell right now.

awww. hes startin to sound like my heidi hoe...
elvis: i really do appreciate you, girl. youre a good friend. not to mention one of only like 3 people i talk to
elvis: sorry. had to get mushy.

anyway, i started to clean. did that for ~5 minutes. i found the jewlery for my peircings, so i tried to stick em back in. theyre in. they hurt. trying to decide if i wanted to do that or was just bored. this has been giong on for months. in and out, in and out. i guess ill just leave em for now. i should just buy new retainers.

i asked my mom to buy something for me. can you beeelieve that? i cant. but i was in an "i want, i want, i want!!$#!$#!@!" mood. shes not answering me :o\

i wonder if my mom will let me take "my kitty" and "fluffy" with me, when i move. i know shell let me take my kitty, cause she doesnt like her. but i dont know about fluffy. ill only take one if i can take the other, cause theyre family. not gonna break them apart.

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