angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

jag: y'know this will sound *SO* conceited
jag: but you're really lucky you get to talk to me, well maybe not lucky, but unique at least, i'm a bad motherfucker ;-)
angelicdestiny: haha
jag: i'm pretty lucky in getting to talk to you, you happen to be an incredible girl
jag: but i seriously am, *so ill*
angelicdestiny: funny too
jag: cute ?
angelicdestiny: hmmm should i give that one to you...
angelicdestiny: sometimes
jag: thank you =]
jag: i meant y'know to look at though ;-)
angelicdestiny: lol
angelicdestiny: youre crackin me up
jag: well.. i mean am i ?
angelicdestiny: send me some good pics
jag: those are the good pics, i don't have any of anything other than my dick really
angelicdestiny: haha
jag: thats what my face looks like, the hair is normally spikey with stuff in it
jag: or shaved
angelicdestiny: you look normal
jag: is normal attractive ? i'm generally considered way better than normal
jag: i'm supposed to have incredible features
angelicdestiny: lol

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