angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

okay, i woke up at 4pm and around 6pm i went to the store and bought a fan, lamp, and pillows :o) now im hungry... i should get off my lazy ass and make something :o\ oh and guess what the bus driver hit in me again, except this time it was so strange cause he seemed so scared... usually when i get on his bus he wont let me on till i smile for him and hes always cracking jokes, this time he just let me on and said "wow you have beautiful eyes" i just laughed and told him they were contacts, then he he starts telling me that his father died, so i told him i was sorry and he seemed okay then hes like "do you have a boyfriend" i said "if i did do you think i would be riding the bus?" then hes all "we should go clubbing sometime" but he he seemed REALLY nervous... i just laughed... anyway he kept trying to make small talk but he seemed scared like as if i was the love of his life and he was never gonna see me again... it was trippy... i could tell he was gonna do something drastic before i got off the bus cause he was all fidgety... so less then a block away from my stop hes like "can i have your number" i felt so bad for the guy but at the same time he was freaking me out cause he seemed so scared, so i told him to give me his and he did now i have to decide if i should call him or not... damn i know ill see him too cause i have to ride that damn bus :o\ hes cool i just dont want to date him... im just scared hes gonna freak out on me or something... what if hes nuts???

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