angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

james: hehe
james: hi
angelicdestiny: hello
james: and how are you this fine evening?
angelicdestiny: i need water
angelicdestiny: you?
james: i have water
james: you jealous?
(1 minute passes)
james: apparently not
angelicdestiny: im gonna buy some
james: if you walk here you can have some
james: for free even
james: so how was your day?
(2 minute passes)
james: how about if i speak for both of us so we can move the conversation along
james: so how was your day?
james: U: boring, i slept all day
james: U: and dreamed of you
james: wow, how flattering
james: U: yes i cant get you out of my head
james: U: its just you and guava juice, all i need in life
(3 minute passes)
angelicdestiny: you done?
james: yeah
james: youre not giving me nearly enough attention
angelicdestiny: haha
angelicdestiny: you gonna sing for me?
james: sure

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